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By Melvin Berger, Gilda Berger

Presents solutions to such questions on quite a few species of whales and dolphins as "Do all whales have teeth?", "How lengthy do such a lot whales live?", "Why do dolphins whistle?", and "Can dolphins store humans?"

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They spend the iciness there in shallow lagoons and provides beginning to their calves. Then, within the spring, they head again to the chillier waters to consume and increase their blubber. Do migrating grays stick to a pace-setter? No. the 1st whales to go south are ladies approximately to provide start. the 1st crew to move north are the newly pregnant adult females. the remainder of the whales keep on with, swimming gradually at approximately five miles (8 km) an hour, day and evening. probably, the migrating grays chart their direction by way of normal landmarks alongside the coastline. the place do grey whales feed? usually on shallow ocean bottoms. grey whales consume a extra various nutrition than different baleens. as well as fish and krill, they'll consume shellfish, worms, or even vegetation that continue to exist the seafloor. to arrive the foodstuff, the grey whales swim all the way down to the dust. frequently, they roll onto their aspects and scoop large helpings of shrimp, crabs, clams, and seaweed into their mouths. Then, tilting upright, they strength water out in the course of the baleen with their tongues—and swallow what’s left. forty three Which is the second one biggest whale? The fin whale. A fin whale may be 87 ft (26 m) lengthy. those vast whales are lengthy and slim. simply because they could swim so fast—13 miles (20 km) an hour—they are known as “the greyhounds of the ocean. ” Fin whales are very shy. occasionally they swim by myself. in the event that they swim in pods, the pods are made from 10 fin whales on the so much. How did the fin whale get its identify? From the 2-foot-tall (60 cm) hooked dorsal fin that sticks up from its again. while the fin whale surfaces, it blows a unmarried spray approximately 12 to twenty ft (3. 6 to six m) up into the air. Then the whale slowly rolls its again and fin above the water 4 or 5 instances. eventually, it rises a bit better and dives down. a truly deep dive, or sounding, lasts from five to fifteen mins. that's the fastest-swimming baleen whale? most likely the sei (pronounced say) whale. A scientist as soon as clocked it swimming alongside at an awesome 35 miles (56 km) an hour! since it twists and turns like a small fish whilst swimming quickly, a few name it the sardine whale. that is the smallest baleen whale? The pygmy correct whale. those whales are typically purely among 18 and 21 ft (5. four and six. three m) lengthy. darkish on most sensible and white beneath, pygmy rights have brief baleen and are came across in basic terms within the Southern Hemisphere. forty four Will there continuously be whales within the seas? That depends upon we all. The outdated chance to whales used to be from whalers. through the years, they killed hundreds of thousands of whales. the recent possibility is from water pollutants, that is shortening the lives of whales. by way of assisting to finish whaling and dumping within the seas, we will be able to aid those impressive creatures live to tell the tale into the long run. forty six 47 Index baleen 34, forty, forty three, forty four baleen whales 34-45 stomach buttons four beluga 26-27 blowholes nine, 10, eleven, thirteen, 20, 34 blubber 15, 17, 18, 23, 34, forty, forty three blue whale 36-37 bottlenose dolphins 30-31 bowhead whale forty three mind 14 breaching 39 calf 6, 18, 37, forty, forty three calls thirteen communique thirteen, 29, 39 dives nine, 10, 23, 39 dolphins 29-33 dorsal fin eleven, 33, 39, forty four ears thirteen echolocation 14 fin whale fish eleven, 44-45 five, 15, 24, 29, 34, 39, forty three Flipper 31 flippers 6, eleven, 15 flukes eleven, 15, 18, 29, forty grey whales 42-43 hair four harpoons forty humpback whale 38-39, forty searching 23, 40-41 krill 34, forty three migration 17, forty three Moby Dick 23 narwhal 24 oil 23, forty, forty three orca 32-33 crops forty three pods 17, forty four polar bears 27 toxins 18, 29, forty six porpoises 33 pygmy correct whale forty four correct whale 40-41 sei whale forty four sharks five sleep 18 sounding nine, forty four sounds thirteen, 14, 26, 29, 39, forty sperm whale 15, 22-23 spy-hop thirteen, 33 squid 20, 23, 24, 29 stranding 10 tooth 20, 22, 24, 27, 29, 33 tongue 33, 34, 36, forty, forty three toothed whales 20-33 tusk 24 U.

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